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Electric contact

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Electric contact

矢印 Kind and usage of precious metals material

 Au:Gold Ag:Silver Cu:Copper Pt:Platinum Pd:Palladium Ni:Nickel Ir:Iridium Ru:Ruthenium Zn:Zinc Su:Tin In:Indium





Specific electric conductivity

Melting point

Characteristic and usage


 Au  19.3  25~70  75  1064.4

・With stability to the acid and the sulfur compound. (It is excellent in corrosion resistance.)
・It is strong in the air pollution effect.
・It is excellent when the contact pressure is low, and it uses it for the place where the certainty is demanded.

・Light load relay

 92Au-8Ag  18.0  30~  27.8  1058

・The chemical influence is not received easily.
・This alloy excels in corrosion resistance, improves hardness, and is good for wear and abrasion resistance.
・It is known well as a point of contact material.

・Light load relay
・Relay for telephone
・Micro motor

 90Au-10Ag  17.8  40~90  16  1055
 80Au-20Ag  16.6  33~105  17.6  1045
 75Au-25Ag  16.3  50~95  16  1040
 70Au-30Ag  15.4  32~  15.6  1025
 60Au-40Ag  14.8  50~100  12  1025
 69Au-25Ag-6Pt  16.0  90~140  11  1100

・It is excellent in corrosion resistance.
・Wear and abrasion resistance is abundant.
・The contact resistance is dependable low, and with stability.

・Relay for communication apparatus
・Switch for microcurrent
・Rotary switch

 95Au-5Ni  18.3  134~274  12.9  1020

・Chemically with stability.
・Hardness is high.
・Hardness is very high.

・Relay for communication apparatus
・Micro motor

70Au-10Ag-5Pt-Cu-Ni  15.9  235~290  8.1~113  955 ・A mechanical characteristic like the spring and hardness, etc. is an extremely excellent and light loads.
・It is used as a sliding material and a spring point of contact for.
・Micro motor
10Au-30Ag-10Pt-35Pd-Cu-Zn  11.9  265~310  4.8~5.3  1098


 Pt  21.45  60~110  16  1772 ・The amount of consumption is not welded easily few even if the melting point is high, and it uses it on the condition that contact side partially becomes a high temperature.
・The abundant contact resistance is steady to corrosion resistance and the anti-oxidation.

・Relay for communication apparatus
・High-level measuring instrument
・Switch for light load

 90Pt-10Ir  21.6  150~210  7.0  1800 ・An extremely high hardness and melting point are stabilized having chemically.
・Corrosion resistance is preeminent.
・It is excellent in the arc-proof, the-proof move, and the hectic-proof.
・Micro motor
・Electrical equipment for aircraft
・Electrical equipment for car


 Pd  12.02  40~120  16  1554 ・Hardness and wear and abrasion resistance are excellent.
・The alloy that exceeds 40%Pd shows an excellent sulphur resistance.
・As for this alloy, corrosion resistance is also excellent.
・Relay for telephone
・Micro motor
・Electrical equipment for car
 30Ag-70Pd  11.5  90~  4.3  1430
 40Ag-60Pd  11.4  100~200  4.3  1395
 50Ag-50Pd  11.2  100~200  5.5  1350
 60Ag-40Pd  11.1  65~  8.2  1290
 70Ag-30Pd  10.9  70~180  6.7  1225
 20Ag-50Pd-30Cu  10.7  200~450  6.3  1130 ・It excels as an extraction stiffening mold fee in wear and abrasion resistance, and it is used for the sliding point of contact material chiefly. ・Potentiometer
・Brush for motor
 40Ag-40Pd-10Cu  10.7  200~430  7.7~14  1070
 30Ag-40Pd-30Cu  10.6  200~450  5.0  1065
 10Ru-90Pd  12.02  160~340  4.8  1690 ・It is used for the sliding point of contact material as an extraction stiffening mold fee. ・Micro motor


 Ag  10.5  25~85  106  961.93 ・Heat and the electric conductance are large.
・It is excellent in the processability.
・A low contact resistance is shown.
・It is most widely used in all the point of contact materials.
・PCB relay
・Power relay
 95Ag-5Cu  10.4  50~98  82~98  910 ・It is easy to oxidize though hardness and wear and abrasion resistance are improved by adding Cu.
・It is necessary to enlarge the contact pressure.
・When the contact pressure is large, and the sliding operation is caused, it is suitable.
・Electrical equipment for car
・Rotary switch
・Switch for consumer electronic
 90Ag-10Cu  10.3  80~155  82~98  875
 80Ag-20Cu  10.2  85~  82~98  870
 60Ag-40Cu  9.8  80~170  80~90  850
 95Ag-5Ni         ・It is excellent in wear and abrasion resistance.
・The move consumption at the direct current opening and shutting is a little.
・It is excellent in the-proof welding and the arc-proof.
・The contact resistance is steady.
・Power relay
・Electromagnetic switch
 90Ag-10Ni  10.3  80~110  87  961
 85Ag-15Ni  10.2  85~125  82  961
 80Ag-20Ni  10.1  80~  82  961
 75Ag-24.5Cu-0.5Ni  10.3  135  68  810 ・The move and consumption comparatively do steady operation few in a low contact force. ・Vehicle electrical equipment


          ・Vehicle relay
・Vehicle switch
・Switch for DC
・Power switch
・Magnet switch
・Power switch
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