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Hokko-Metal is satisfied in wear-out, consumption, and the vibration and I satisfy the demand of the customer with a desirous strong material and effective point of contact material.
We demand of the customer, will be unfortunately against, and correspond from experimental stages of the selection of the material and the decision of each size, etc.  Process production from dissolution casting to product.
We will correspond widely from custom-made of a customer original specification to the individual size product of a standard material. 

We are very few manufacturers that consistently produce even the nonconventional machining of extended continuous casting, rolling of the alloy material, extrusion, pulling out, and line and different kind metal.

We will support the investigation and the analysis of the embarrassment thing of metallic whole concerning various materials such as the copper base alloys and precious-metal alloys during development.

We have various equipment.
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Product information

Electric contact
・clad materials
・Precious metals material




矢印 The cladding material that connected the electrical contact material of silver, gold, and palladium to copper and the copper base alloy.  There are three types (INLAY, EDGELAY, and CLAD TAPE). I will propose the type corresponding to customer's usage.  
矢印 There are a lot of cases that were able to be useful from one contacting by phone. Please inquire by all means because of a clad material and the precious metals material.  

Brazing Alloys
Board material
・Cylinder shape material
・Line material
・Placed material


Special finished goods
・Precious metals pipe
・Line of complex shape

All almost the shape products of the silver wax and the phosphorus copper wax are produced.
The silver wax, placed material, and the board material and the foil material of the phosphorus copper wax are domestic share No.1.

矢印 It has the processing equipment of the board material, the wire rod, the bar, and the pipe material, and many varieties of products are manufactured.
It is a special very few companies also in the country where almost all shape can be processed.