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We are 'One making enterprise' that solves 'Customer's embarrassment thing' .

The north optical metal was established to satisfy the demand of the niche type of business of the precious metals industry and the Shin copper industry in the industrial product nonferrous metals manufacturing in 1968. After it establishes it, the product that satisfies the demand is offered to the demand (embarrassment thing) from the customer by the material option, the process design, and producing equipment.
When establishing it, the first product aimed at the yield improvement and the man-hour reduction by the customer's turning over the inside from a cylinder shape material by cutting in the material for the commutator of the direct current motor and making what had been done by the carrying out method a pipe, and was a pipe product of copper with epoch-making silver that improved heatproof in addition.  It has been arriving now the demand from the customer as the industrial metallic material demand expands in high growth from the 1970's one by one corresponding in shape of manufacturing other electrical contact material, brazing material, and special, metallic material. A precious metals clad material for electric contact, silver wax for the brazing, and the wire rod and the board material of the phosphorus copper wax are assumed to be a core product now.

Process production from dissolution casting to product.

The north optical metal does process production from the dissolution casting to the product. It provides with a Chinese factory in Chinese Chiangsu province where the cladding materials are produced in the becoming it production foothold and the expert precious metals industry of domestic main force's Iwashiro factory (Fukushima) and the partner (Iwate) and foreign countries. I will achieve lowering the cost by using the manufacturing knowhow and the equipment knowhow over all processes of accumulation and having it to in-house, and offer the product that the customer can be satisfied.

Corporate philosophy

 矢印40 The employee's growth  - The employee's growth is esteemed,  and the employee
 矢印40 The customer's satisfaction   - The customer satisfaction is assumed to be pleasure, and it grows
  up with the customer.
 矢印40 Securing of profit      

 - Earnings are secured, and it contributes to the society.


All companies are united so that it is a contribution by working on work as each one of the employee aims at the self-actualization, and doing has that it is, keeping assuming the customer's satisfaction to be the first pleasure, growing up with the customer as being also in the basic philosophy of the north optical metal, and securing earnings for "Achievement of the wealthy community", it goes forward, and it comes.

President Horomichi Saito