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1968  The copper pipe with the silver that the commutator of the direct current micromotor used was made the main product, and Akira Saito established the north optical metal in Saitama Prefecture Shiki City.
1969  Manufacturing a board, an article, a line, a stick, a pipe, and a clad product of the silver base alloy was started as a material for general electric contact.
1971  Manufacturing Silver wax and the phosphorus copper wax was started. 
1973  NAKADOURI PRECIOUS METAL that was the sister company of Hokko Metal was established in the cape town of Iwate Kanagasaki-chou as a production foothold of the wire rod of Silver wax and the phosphorus copper wax.
1977  The extruder between heat 600 tons for the wire rod and the bar was set up. 
1979  The Iwashiro factory was constructed in Fukushima Nihonmatsu-shi as the third production foothold of Hokko Metal. It keeps doing appropriate capital investment after the factory is established, and manufacturing facilities of the silver base alloy and the copper base alloy that centers on the clad precious metals material have been enhanced.
■■■■  The investment that passes the examination of Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation is received, and it becomes the capital 48 million yen.
1992  The extruder between the high frequency melting furnace and the kiloton heat was set up in NAKADOURI PRECIOUS METAL, and a consistent production line of the silver wax phosphorus copper wax was completed.
1996  1500-ton extruder between heat is increased in NAKADOURI PRECIOUS METAL, and the quality and the manufacturing capacity have been improved.
1998  It equipped with electron microscope and minute, partial analysis device (SEM/EDS) for the continuous-casting machine and the research and development for the board, the stick, and the wire rod for the improvement and the stability of the quality.
1999  Hiromichi Saito representative director assumption
2004  It is adopted from Kanto Bureau of Economy for "IT use type management reformation model business", an original production management system is constructed, it is taken up by the mass communication etc. , and the high appraisal is obtained.
2006  To sell a precious metals clad product for the appliance manufacturing, Suzhou HONGGUANG Metal is established in the Kure inlet city economic development district that is adjacent to the Suzhou City south of Chinese Chiangsu province.
2009  The attestation of ISO9001 (2008 versions) was acquired.
2010  It kicked off aiming at 21 eco-action certifications of the environmental management system.